Circularity in the Plastics, Safety and Agricultural Economy


The CCAECI AFRICA SUMMIT; Circularity in the Plastics, Safety and Agricultural Economy is a 3-day summit, will focused on what will it take to redesign the plastics value chain to eliminate waste (engaging the entire plastics value chain, from polymer manufacturers to brands to waste haulers, in order to create truly systemic solutions), examine industries safety practices to adapt eco-friendly production patterns and address the challenge and opportunities in the agricultural sector. This summit will offer both academic and business opportunity to all. The summit will encompass a broad, global engagement among companies, governments, policy makers and others to create a truly circularity in the plastics, safety and agricultural economy.



 CCAECI aims to bring together municipal, provincial and federal leaders with researchers, practitioners, individuals and students to explore how collective, local action can achieve global impacts, by:

‣ Examining the many ways of creating economic, environmental and social prosperity without exceeding planetary boundaries;

‣  Highlighting how leadership at the local level can help contribute to large, transformational shifts that align with global, sustainable, development goals;

‣  Encouraging the development of innovative, collective visions and strategies that foster collaboration, environmental and social justice;

‣  Generating awareness of the need for a transformative cultural shift toward low carbon communities.

Within the above overarching theme, CCAECI is organized around a set of sub-themes:

• Employment, Equity and Sustainability in the Green Economy

• Policy Options for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

• Communication Strategies to Mobilize Action, etc.

Welcome address (Clifford Edevbie)

In view of the environmental, economic and social challenges facing our current society, the CCAECI Nigeria is determined to offer a space for balanced discussions, guidelines and for helping make the right decisions, to be taken during this 3 days summit to preserve the generations of tomorrow. In order to encourage exemplary initiatives, raise awareness and encourage people to adopt good practices, CCAECI AFRICA SUMMIT 2019 is for businesses, farmers, associations, stakeholders, individuals and public services.


The Summit begins with an opening breakfast to establish the focus and frame for the session. Participants will then engage in a series of facilitated topics focused on what it will take to redesign the plastics, safety and agricultural economy value chain to eliminate waste and look into the challenges and the opportunity. The Summit is designed to be an interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves experience, with a limited number of speeches and slide presentations.

Program Activities


Mr. James Bond

Mr. Oluwaseun Akintola



Address Environmental issues of single-use (Plastics) Extended producer responsibility (EPR); Best practices and commitment in eliminating pollution at its source,”

The summit would feature a lot of speakers from across the industry — producers, converters, end-users and brand owners — who will offer unique and innovative perspectives on the plastic industry across the entire supply chain:

• Experts from the Plastics Industry Association discussing the latest market outlooks from key industry sectors

• Senior business leaders sharing their companies’ strategies for success

 • Innovators presenting the latest in game-changing plastics technologies.



UN Speaker:

Full report on Global menace of plastics from industries etc

Coca-Cola speaker::

Discuss company EPR and best practices and commitment in eliminating pollution at its source of single-use Plastics in west Africa ,”

German speaker:

Expectations and targets of EU waste legislation on packaging and packaging waste.

Manufactures Association:

Alternative sources and adaptability to eco-friendly production.

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