Basic Principles

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  1. Transparent
    CCAECI strives to maintain full transparency of its activities and expenditures.This will include the publication of quarterly and yearly statements and balance sheets on our website.
  2. Open-source
    Since a successful outcome of the project is in the interest of the common good, and the project is (partly) financed by Donors, CCAECI believes created intellectual property and research results should be available to everyone, unless protection is in the interest of the project’s outcome.
  3. Entrepreneurial
    Building a business isn’t the primary goal—the primary goal is to clean the environment. However, CCAECI believes running the organization like a business is the most efficient method to reach the primary goal and to ensure long-term financial continuity. This principle is reflected in the way the organization is being run, in which the focus is key, delivering real-life prototypes have highest priority, and a core team of the brightest minds is responsible for making it happen.
  4. Science-based
    CCAECI will always strive to communicate the most recent figures and insights that have their origins in peer-reviewed publications. Our scientists and team prefer to publish new discoveries through formal peer review in scientific journals (depending on urgency, size and nature of the publication), and will always welcome critical feedback. Scientific advisors further help ensure the scientific quality of the work.

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