Our Programs

  1. Manufacturing activities that cause pollution. For example, modern technology that hide or manipulate it environmental test or faking its green credentials
  2. To enforce more Regulations, Monitoring and strict legislature
  3. Greenhouse gases and global warming
  4. Climate change
  5. Industrial Waste (how truly safe is incineration? Please first consider the recent VW Scandal, Read Tim Douglas, Stowe, Vt…… in developing societies there are subtle ways by which developed nations dress up (compensate) or mitigate these denial where they cannot be avoided. Hirsch W. Z. (1998) posited that, companies in unprincipled pursuit of profit can do great social harm. The environment suffers at the hands of companies which put production ahead of environmental protection. What is your opinion? Join the debate now
  6. Food and agricultural safety
  7. Partnership and support

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